What is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)?

Certified Insurance Counselors (CICs) are a unique class of agents that obtain their professional designation from the National Alliance of Insurance Education and Research Institute. In short, a CIC designation represents a higher standard of ethics and professional knowledge of insurance coverage.

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research exists to promote professional excellence and improve professional standards through comprehensive education in the insurance and risk management industries. With these goals in mind, The National Alliance offers and develops programs that teach understanding and analysis of complex insurance contracts and risk management techniques through several series of courses.

Creating, developing, and delivering practical continuing education programs for everyone involved in the insurance and risk management industry is the challenge and purpose of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.

With a legacy that began in 1969, The National Alliance is recognized across the nation as the best source for continuing education credits, designation opportunities, and concrete knowledge for insurance and risk management professionals of every experience level. More than 133,000 participants are attending the programs worldwide.

Big "I" is a voluntary federation of state associations and local boards, with affiliates in every state and the District of Columbia. Its independent insurance agents and brokers are politically astute and are involved both locally and nationally. They monitor and affect consumer, insurance agent and broker, and small business issues in Washington through IIABA’s active, professional staff on Capitol Hill.