Sometimes you cannot account for everything.


Injuries, accidents or disasters can cause problems that are unexpected. Some of the effects from those can be covered under the right supplemental plans.

Supplemental Insurance

How Supplemental Insurance Works 


Supplemental insurance provides extra coverage where traditional policies fall short. Especially with health insurance, typical policies provide broad-based coverage that covers a wide range of different conditions and needs. But those often policies don't provide coverage for specific illnesses or medical procedures that might be of particular interest to you, or if they do, policy limits might mean they won't cover all of your potential costs. Moreover, while traditional health insurance covers direct costs like hospital bills and doctors' visits, it usually doesn't cover lost wages or other financial impacts that can result from an illness or injury.

When would I need a Supplemental Plan?

Supplemental plans can help in some of the most extreme and life altering situations or in some of the more common ones. It’s hard enough to deal with being hospitalized and having to take time off work or sometimes stop working altogether. You can eliminate some of the small stresses of times like these by letting First Louisiana help you select the right supplemental coverage. This may help copays, cafeteria meals, home care and other necessary things that we don’t consider until we are struck with some major health issue.


It could put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on what really needs to be cared for.