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Can Your Business See the Future?


Partner with insurance professionals who plan ahead for your business long term.

At FLI we commit to knowing you, understanding your corporate goals, and partnering with you to accomplish them for the long term. We adopt a proactive approach to helping your company plan for and avoid risks that could reduce efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

Our insurance counselors work with you to develop comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions that protect your property, employees, customers, and reputation. We understand the importance of keeping your business moving forward, and this is why “Putting you first is our top priority”.

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It's not just Business, it's Personal.


How much time are your personal assets worth?

Don't let "15 minutes" cost you even more...

Allow our personal insurance advisors to hear what is most important to you. At First Louisiana, we believe that protecting your personal assets and time deserves much more thought, effort, and planning than just a rushed "15 minute" phone call or short-lived "premium discount". We know you, our client. personally and provide coverage advice that adequately protects you and considers your big picture, Consult our staff of personal insurance advisors, who ask the right questions to ensure you are covered properly and prevent the empty promise of "15 minutes" from costing you so much more than you bargained for. For our Team at First Louisiana, we treat your protection like our own, so helping you is "not just business, it's personal."

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First Louisiana Insurance has been in business for over 38 years!

First Louisiana Insurance has been a leader in Commercial, Personal, Specialty, Health, Life, Bonds, 401K/Retirement, Risk Management and Supplemental Plans for over 38 years. With a promise to deliver the highest value to each and every client, our insurance specialists will continually evaluate your needs, formulate specific coverage plans and secure a price that you can afford.

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